Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm stoked. My girlfriend is visiting this week for a few days. When she's here, things seems a little brighter, a little easier. I like the way she makes me feel. We were going to go to NYC, but I'd rather spend some alone time with her. Besides, there's alot to do here (I just have to figure out what).

Boo ya! The Spurs rock! They won the second game at Phoenix, which is foreboding for the Suns, since it's nearly impossible to come back from behind when you lost at home (hee, hee)

I haven't said anything about the Benedict XIV, because 1) I was tired about all the brouhaha and 2) I was expecting a recount. Whereas JP2 looked like a kindly uncle who would take you aside and tell you stories about the old country, B16 seems like the crotchety old man who lives across the street and yell obscenties in a foreign language at you and your friends. He looks alot like the emperor in Star Wars...doesn't he?

He occupied the office formally known as the Inquisition. We all know how that office was used around the world and thru the centuries to undermine, eradicate and discredit dissention, debate and difference. (How's that for alliteration!)

His election is not going to bring me back to a church that villifies gays, santcifies prejudice, and is becoming more and more fundamental.