Friday, August 31, 2007

End of Summer Rants and Raves

Yep, it's the end of the summer and it's time for my semi-annual R & R's.

RAVE: Gay marriages in IOWA!
RANT: It only lasted a day.

RAVE: Rove out, Gonzo out, Snow out
RANT: Bush is still in

RAVE: Boing Boing, Gawker Empire, Perez
RANT: Drudge, WorldNetDaily, Freepers

RAVE: Amy, Beth, Catalina
RANT: Lindsay, Paris, Britney

RAVE: Screen on the Green, Folklife, Capital Pride
RANT: Metro, Murder, MPD

RAVE: SF, NYC, Vegas
RANT: No more money for travel

RAVE: My first APA conference
RANT: APA soft on torture

RAVE: My nephew starts college
RANT: I can't call him "little nephew" anymore

RAVE: Craig is busted!
RANT: He's not gay, he's not gay!

RAVE: IKEA LGBT (yes, T) positive commercials
RANT: E-Harmony commercials

RAVE: Logo/HRC presidential forum
RANT: Clinton, Obama, Edwards disappointing

RAVE: Big Girls Kick ASS!