Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Rant and Rave 2005 Birthday Edition

Rant and Rave: 2005 Birthday Edition

Rave: It’s my birthday!
Rant: It was my birthday like 4 days ago.
Rave: Yay! I’m fulfilling my dream by getting into a doctoral program
Rant: Yipes! I’ll finish when I’m 40
Rave: I have an awesome girlfriend who loves me.
Rant: She’s over 1500 miles away
Rave: Grey hair is sexy
Rant: Grey hair in other places is not sexy
Rave: Everyone’s tired of Dubya
Rant: We’re stuck with him for another 3 years
Rave: The crazy "god power" mom
Rant: she's for real
Rave: Harry Potter is back!
Rant: Still no Harry Potter teen sex with Hermione
Rave: Madonna’s new album
Rant: Madge needs to lay off the leotard
Rave: my precious ipod
Rant: Having technolust for the nano

Rant: Why did they do Caesar like dat?
Rave: Thanksgiving in NYC
Rant: 4 hours in a bus to get to NYC
Rave: Birthday Cake!
Rant: Too many candles melting on it

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