Friday, June 01, 2007

blue moon

I saw the blue moon last night on my way home. No, it wasn't blue but milky white, hazy from the heat. I like that we had another chance to see the moon. I seldom look up to the stars anymore. When I was a kid, I would go to the back yard at night, lie on the grass and watch the night sky. I don't have the opportunity to do that here. In fact, I don't know anyone with a lawn! I suppose I have to make due with stolen glimpses like this...

This was taken on my cell phone. Can you see the moon?

Anyway, I am back at school this summer. I'm required to take summer classes every semester. I'm cramming a semester's worth of work in 7 weeks. Then I will be off until September! I will be so frigging happy! I want to enjoy my little break with trips to the beach, travel to new york and being lazy!

My nephew graduated from HS this past week. He is my only nephew so it was a very special event. My GF and I decided to make the drive to Little Rock, yes in Arkansas. We stopped over to Nashville, where my brother and his BF live. We drove together, one big happy gay family to my sister's house in little rock. It was my girlfriend's first time hanging out with my siblings and my sister's extended family. I admire my GF's ability to mingle and connect with total strangers especially white people from Arkansas! She deserves a medal for that!

I can't end my post without saying something about my favorite sports team at the moment...
the SPURS! I love these guys! I was never a big basketball fan but this team makes me a fan. What I like about them is that they aren't your typical bling, hype, trash talk team. I suppose I like them alot because they play for a city that is predominately mexican. I have to tell you, to see a bunch of brown faces like these in the crowd on TV is quite thrilling.

The Jazz fans were a little less browner and a little more hostile.

I noticed that respect is very important for the spurs as it is for the mexican culture. Respeto is something to be cherished. I see that with the san antonio fans, the team and the coaches. The lack of it from the opposing teams is pretty evident. Maybe I am hypervigilant about these things but I can see it in even the way the announcers talk about the players. Whatever people say about this team, one thing is clear...they play for respect.