Thursday, May 04, 2006

Real Mexican Included

A Poem By Messitza
(check her site!)

Real Mexican Included

real mexican included with every enchilada
(or how to tell if a mexican if authentic)

so what if i were a mexican strapped with a gun?
you know, a bandido, an insurgente
a romanticized rebel with olive skin and piercing eyes.

or if i were this hardcore troubled youth
sureƱa chola gangstacita
with switchblade in the back pocket
and a crucifix around my neck.
would that be good?

how about if i was serving you
some of that real mexican food
un plato de cultural purity,
un plato de mexican monoculturalism
because of course all mexicans are the same
and so is the food.

what if i were the beautiful mexican woman
the one people write songs about
like a sexy mexican maid
a tijuana mama, a hot
blooded maria garcia chichitecameca
the kind that makes mexican women look h-o-t
in a strategically torn blouse and erect nipples
like almost dead
in the arms of a seriously muscular aztec warrior
at the foot of popocatepetl,
like any of those big tittied mexicanas
in those authentic taqueria calendars
or printed onto short sleeved t-shirts.

of course let's not mention the mexicans
who are whiter than the u.s.a.
or the indios who don't speak spanish
the black mexicans
the biggest city in the world kinda mexicans
the mexican jews
the messy mestizos.
because it's so much easier to talk about
real mexicans and
real mexican food
and real mexican crafts and
real mexican kitsch
and real mexicans for sale
special limited time offer!