Friday, November 16, 2007

Entering Oblivion

This weekend I'm turning 39. Yeah, thirty-frigging-nine. Very, very close to four-oh. How did this happen? I mean I was like 25 yesterday! Twenty five was 14 years ago! Clinton was barely in office! There was a thing called email that I heard about. When I was 25 I rented an apartment on the crappy side of town, worked 3 jobs (and in school), didn't own a car and hoped that when I got older things would be different. Let's see, I'm 38.99 years old, a Clinton is running for president, rent an apartment in a "gentrified" (crappy) side of town, unemployed (but in school), don't own a car and I hope that when I get older things will be different.

Thankfully, I am happier. I have a great relationship, I have my health (i think), I have my friends and I am three semesters away from graduating! Thirty-nine still sounds young. I will hold on to the thirties until it's last gasping breath. I am gonna squeeze out as much juice out of that 39th year until it's dry. I'm probably complain about how my last year of my thirties went so fast.

My official birthday song this year...

Rare Earth "i just want to celebrate"