Monday, June 27, 2005

Yay for the spurs! The good guys won! Finally something I can cheer about. Watching the series made me think that this was a symbolic battle between US vs THEM. US being the united states (white people, straights, republicans, men, etc) vs. them (Europe, Mexicans, Gays, feminists, Democrats, take your pick). A polyglot team, from a very brown city, some of them “foreigners” playing untraditionally (unamerican), beat an American team, with red white and blue uniforms, from a blue collar city, in a rusty state, that was known for “kicking ass” inside the court and out in the stands. The American team with all their swagger and gold belts never took the international team that seriously. US got beaten playing their own game.

It was nice to see Ginobili’s number 20 on the back of (mostly latino) kids in my DC neighborhood. .

I am happy to report I got into a Doctoral program in DC. It’s a PsyD program that’s APA approved, (I wouldn’t have applied if it wasn’t). I had an entire day of interviews last week, with professors and students. I was in a room with 10 other people vying for 5 spots. Although I was a little nervous, I felt I had a good chance. I start in September.

My GF is coming to town on Tuesday to celebrate our one year seeing each other. I still can’t believe that it’s her and it’s been a year. She’s bringing her niece and nephew this time around. They’re teenagers so I’m sure it’s not the coolest thing to be hanging around with their lesbian aunt and her girlfriend, but we’re going to New York this weekend. I figure give them some cab fare and let them loose.