Friday, August 05, 2005

You like me, you really like me

I've never been featured before...but thanks to blogs by women for posting my ravings on their blog. If you haven't checked out their site. Do it! It's a good place to find blogs by all kinds of mujeres. Take a chance and randomly hit a blog on the blogs by women blogroll (how many times can i say blog) and see what you get!
Anyway, here's what I learned this week.... republicans like to storm off tv sets when challenged...that it's good to hide out for a month, especially when more than half the people think you suck...intelligent design is as stupid as it gets...

picture of the day... mexico at sunset

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Don't mess with Texas, but we'll mess with DC

Boy, like I said before, Texans just LOVE to mess with DC. This time Henry Bonilla, the Representative for the 23rd District, which covers San Antonio to El Paso, has introduced a bill HR 3525 to rename 16th street into (get this) Ronald Reagan Blvd. What the fuck?! 16th street is a major throughfare that starts at the White House (1600 Pennsylvania) and it goes up to Maryland. It's this city's version of Main Street. It runs through diverse neighborhoods like Adams Morgan (Latino neighborhood), U Street (African American neighborhood), Dupont Circle (Gay enclave)... Y'know the people that really benefited from his policies. I live 2 blocks from 16th street and 2 miles from the White House (yeah, I checked) and this, of course, infuriates me. I despise how these out of towners impose their shit on us. I don't get this preoccupation with Reagan. It's like a cult. Remember the funeral? Hours of that on TV. Nancy and the casket? Now, that's a great actress!

And yet again I cannot say anything, because I am not a constituent. What right does Bonilla have to do this? He's not even a member of the subcomittee that covers the District. If this city was primarily a white city, would this happen? My bet we would be a state a long time ago. Anyway, seems like dumbass Bonilla might be running for the Senate (god help you Texas) so this would look good for the folks in Jeff Davis county. So yet again, I ask those in his district (you know who you are), email the pendejo.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

school jitters

I'm starting school again after 3 yrs off. This time I'm getting my doctorate in psychology. Funny, I know I want to do this, but as usual, I have doubts about doing this. This is big committment, mentally, physically, emotionally not to mention financially. Someone asked me why am I doing this if I already have a master's degree. Mostly it's practical, I can do a lot more with a doctorate in Psychology. I couldn't find anything in dc with a masters that wasn't social work. No offense to the MSW's out there, but that's not my cup of tea. To a smaller degree, it's a personal goal. I wanted to see if I can do it. Apply, get in, and finish. I suppose my family influenced me. Not the way you think. My parents, god love em, weren't that supportive. Mostly due to the language/immigrant/cultural differences. They were too busy working 12 hour shifts in factories to go to teacher's conferences, or to presentations. They were(are) old school mexican catholic traditionalists, valuable work to them was with your hands. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful to my parents. They worked hard, gave us all we needed. I have friends/cousins my age who spent most of their childhoods in the fields. I can't blame my parents for not having the tools that they never had to begin with.
I also think the statistics influenced me. Let me explain. We are over 41 million people, 14% of the population but only 7% of Latinos have a bachelors degree, 2% a masters' and less than one percent (.83 to be exact) have a professional/doctorate degree. To compare, almost 20% of whites and 10% of African-Americans have a BA. Who have the advanced degrees? Nine percent of whites and 5% of blacks have a masters or more. I know they are only numbers, but they predict the future. Sometimes it's overwhelming...we are not going into school, and if we are, we are being siphoned into a community college track. I suppose I can blame the corrupt educational system that keeps brown and black people perpetually behind. But it's more than that. It's the false meritocracy boot-strap story we tell children. If you go to school, and get good grades and get a degree you will do well. Is that really true? How will you ever "do well" if you are incarcerated or tracked to a less than stellar school? How do you do well if wealth and resources are set up to keep those in power (white people) on the top.
Sad to say, I think more than education will even this up.

A little makeup goes a long way

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