Thursday, April 13, 2006

La Queen Sucia Speaks Up

I will say I haven't read Alisa's Valdez-Rodriguez' books. My impression she's like a Latina version of Terry McMillan. She was a journalist (like Terry McMillan) and wrote novels about women and relationships (like Terry McMillan). I don't know if she married a gay guy (like Terry McMillan). I'm sure if she read this she will probably say "read my books!" It's on my list, mkay? Anyhoo..

Alisa has become a cyber-chingona of late. On her blog called La Queen Sucia , she has taken to task xenophobes like Lou Dobbs (Slobbs) and ignorant people like internet pendejos Michael and Benita .

So, I'm glad like people like Alisa a speaking up and spreading knowledge.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

La Marcha

a collage of pictures I took at the March for Immigrant se puede! Posted by Picasa