Wednesday, June 22, 2005

who doesn't love a random cameraphone picture of two men in drag? Posted by Hello

Monday, June 20, 2005

He flies through the air with the greatest of ease....

that was an awesome game. Horry seems to be the clincher for every team he played with. To my Lakers loving buddies (you know who you are)...who's sorry now?

Sunday, June 19, 2005

It's been a week since Pride. It seems like every year it gets more and more watered down. Less flash, less fabulous. This year was especially lame. I particpated in the parade which goes around the dupont circle area. I was with the Lesbian Services Program contingient, a really good program but is sorely lacking in resources. What it didn't lack were white women and their babies. I know we are in the midst of a queer baby boom, but really do we have to copy everything the hets do? Iam being facetious of cource, but I get this sinking feeling that this quest for normalcy will be our downfall. Those same topless radical lesbians who were walking down to the White House in the dyke march back in 93, are now pushing their strollers down Pennsylvania ave. When did maternity, marriage and mortages become so important. Are we merely regressing towards the mean? Do we just want to be just like everyone else?
I think the movement has become incoherent and shallow. Why do we fight for marriage if we live in a culture that doesn't even acknowledge that gay people have relationships in the first place? Marriage is one form of a relationship. Gay people have the freedom to develop and define relationships. That's one of reasons we are here. I'm not coming down on marriage, I just think that we are fighting for the wrong things. Gays and lesbians are likely to be fired, to make less than straight people, to have a lower education, to be underinsured, etc, etc. How is marriage going to help with that?