Saturday, July 16, 2005

A Picture Share!

The Hoover hit 120 degrees today!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Mandate goes poof

Mandate goes poof

via kos

here are some highlights
59% believe the country is going on the wrong track
56% think the Bush is mishandling the economy
56% disapprove Bush's handling of the social issues
59% disapprove handling of Iraq
62% not concerned about a terrorist attack

Bush got over 90% (Gallup) after 9/11 so that means that he LOST 50% from the rest of the country.

Clinton left office with an approval rating of 62%

Makes one wanna smile..

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Vegas, Baby

I am going to Las Vegas tommorow night to celebrate my GF's birthday. I never been to Vegas and I can't wait to see the bright lights, the cheesy shows, and the abundance of Elvii. It will be a nice break from the bright lights, cheesy shows and the abundance of Evil that is Washington.

Monday, July 11, 2005

One thing that bothers me about living in DC is that we are one big laboratory that congress tries out things that they would never get away with in their home states and to shamelessly pander to powerful issue lobbies that pump alot of money into their campaigns.. For instance, a bill has been introduced to repeal the Firearms and Control Regulations Act of 1975 introduced in the Senate by none other than Ms. Congeniality (she's second to the right) herself-Kay Bailey Hutchinson . She's sad that we are being denied our second constitutional rights so she decided to fix it. Hey Kay, can we have the right to represent ourselves first? This bill will make it easier for anyone to carry weapons, even semiautomatics- when they are on the metro, or on the bus or when they are walking the dog. Kay "Go-Horns" Hutchinson, says that she needs to carry a gun in the District in order to feel safe when she's working in Congress. I didn't realize that Congress was so scary, republicans run the senate, the house, the judiciary, the presidency, who are they afraid of? Sadly, since I am a resident of DC, my voice means nothing, I am asking my friends in Texas and beyond to contact Special Kay telling her what you think about this crazy law. Seriously, do we need a faded, aquanet using, botox injecting, ex-cheerleader senator carrying guns?